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For the last 20 years, Talentxfactor has led as recruitment partners to some of the top start up ventures in the world. Focused on revenue generation (Sales, Technical Sales, Customer Success) marketing (product, CMO, demand gen) and post sales positions. Our team has worked with some of the leading Cloud, Cyber Security and ML/AI ventures.

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Bring Candidates that make a real difference and bring the X Factor to the table.

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Some of the industries best recruiters, with a team behind them that can deliver tangible results quickly.

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North American and International placements

We have the expertise and bandwidth to provide solutions in North American, EMEA, APAC, LATAM and Israel. Our team understands regional intangibles and work environments to provide resources to cover the globe geographically.
North American Consulting 90%
Sales-Technical Sales Recruitment 80%
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Why Choose Talentxfactor?

We have the experience and team to bring the best talent to the table. Revenue generators who can make a difference as 1st on the ground sales candidates. Technical Sales experts that not only can decipher the technical issues but make the customer comfortable with the technology. Our experience is what separates us.

Compensation Experts

We close each candidate with Authority to Accept offers and insights into what it will take to bring them aboard.

Proven Recruitment Methods

We focus on industry best practices to deliver complete and robust lineups – covering every direct and indirect fit candidate – bringing a full line up to the table.

Internal Referral Database

We have over 60,000 internal referral database of resumes and candidates, cultivated after 20 years of recruitment. Over 50,000 linkedin connections and a mindset of constant growth.

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Always looking to grow out team.

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A process driven firm with on boarding and training that is second to none.
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