Jaymie Townes

Vice President

Sales and Sales Engineering

About Jaymie

Introducing Jaymie Townes, the Vice President of Talentxfactor, a premier recruitment firm that specializes in sourcing top talent for organizations worldwide. With his deep expertise in the technology industry, Jaymie has become one of the top recruiters for CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) talent, and a leader in recruiting first-on-the-ground sales and sales engineering roles for Israeli start-ups. With over 11 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Jaymie has established herself as a trusted partner to companies seeking to grow their teams with exceptional talent. He has built an impressive track record of identifying and attracting top performers in their respective fields, and has a deep understanding of the skills and qualities needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of the technology industry. At Talentxfactor, Jaymie leads a team of recruiters who are dedicated to finding the best talent for their clients. His team is known for their ability to quickly and effectively source candidates for even the most challenging roles. With a keen eye for talent, Jaymie has helped many organizations build successful teams, and his clients consistently praise him for his ability to deliver excellent results. In addition to his work at Talentxfactor, Jaymie is an active member of the technology community. He regularly attends industry events and conferences, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. His insights and thought leadership have made him a sought-after speaker on the topics of recruitment and talent acquisition. Overall, Jaymie Townes' deep expertise, dedication, and passion for the technology industry make him an invaluable resource for companies seeking to hire exceptional talent.


As an industry leader, Talentxfactor requires a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to excellence in their work. To ensure that their team is second to none, Talentxfactor requires specific qualifications and training for all of their employees.


Wilfred Laurier University, Bachelor of Business Admin


Focused on dedicated recruitment for some of the top start ups in the world


12 years of experience international recruitment

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