Steve Cooke


Lightspeed Human Capital Management Inc. is a global leader in the recruitment of Sales, Technical Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Product Marketing candidates in the Technology space. For our clients, we can guarantee that our process driven deep dive into your position requirements, understanding your corporate objectives and culture will lead to the delivery of top flight candidates. Our recruitment teams have the expertise and experience in your technology vertical to develop relationships with the top passive candidates and create a trusted partnership with industry leaders to bring out the best potential employees who bring an X factor to the table. Our experience in delivering outstanding roles to our candidates is our strength. We believe that by only selecting the top slice of Human Capital to present to your corporation can we earn your trust and business. In turn, our candidates trust us as career advisers, and give us the respect to allow us to tap into their networks. Our philosophy is simple, yet undeniably effective. We believe that we cannot compromise on delivering outstanding candidates to our clients…it is the Talentxfactor that separates us.