In the Security world… If you think you can hire the talent you want by clicking on websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice or LinkedIn, or by just posting your requirements on your company’s career page and have your HR department do the rest, you don’t understand anything about talent acquisition.

Anyone with a computer and some skill might even be able to get a specifically talented person to consider “thinking about” working for your company. In acquiring talent don’t you want to ensure that the person you want working for you, will say “yes” to your opportunity? Well, that kind of successful assurance can only be delivered by a specialist who knows THE TALENT ACQUISITION PROCESS and understands your products value proposition to the Security world.

We provide Intelligent Talent Acquisition Process for the Security Industry because its a space we have come to know and define our success by the very companies that have developed the premier solutions in the market.

We are a technology recruiting firm specializing in enterprise and service provider security technologies. We recruit technology professionals who understand the requirements of selling security and have excelled in their field. Our clients turn to us to find creative solutions to acquire high performance talent, and they work closely with us to develop flexible ways to reach the success they require in attracting and landing the talent they want.

For more than a decade, we have been working directly with our clients in understanding their separate and special needs. We study and analyze each client’s situation and then propose a solution that seeks to meet each requirement — timely and cost effectively.

Whether it’s leadership for operations, sales, engineering, or technical account management – our firm will work directly with you to find the model and method that’s best for you to reach and acquire the talent you want for your company.

Our firm’s experience in qualifying and helping companies acquire talent is at all levels within an organization — from regional VP level positions, to senior and mid level  management to inside sales talent. And because we know your industry better than any generalist recruiting firm, we know what it will take to attract and land the talented leaders you want. And we will deliver, guaranteed. You have the assurance that your association with Securityfactor is a confidential, single point of contact service exclusively designed around your individual requirements – anywhere in the world.

Specialists in recruiting the best talent in the Security world.