medium_Lightspeed-Human-Capital-Management1What They Are Saying

We have asked our clients if they would be willing to provide a reference and 100% are willing to back our recruitment services with bold statements such as:

“Best recruiting I have seen”

“Invaluable Resource”

“Solutions Providers who deliver quickly and professionally”

Should you require customer references we’d be more than pleased to put you in touch with World Class Clients who have relied on our recruitment services to provide solutions.

From Our Clients

“Over the 22 years of my global HR experience working at Fortune 100 firms and start up environments, I’ve never worked with such an amazing team as Lightspeed – They have always been able to take on just about any senior role, whether it be in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Account Management on the top accounts and just NAIL the role for me in a matter of a few weeks. I’ve always been impressed and will remain impressed with their abilities, tenacity, intensity and focus. You won’t find anyone better at covering roles throughout the Americas than Lightspeed – don’t even bother trying. These guys gets the job done no matter what. I clearly recommend Lightspeed Human Capital Management to anyone and I have only the highest regard for their abilities.”

“I have been working with Lightspeed for the last two years in the Executive Search Field and have known Steve for over 20 years peronsally. Steve is the most professional and focused recruiter I have ever worked with. Lightspeed is focused on delivering results and not wasting your time anyones time. He takes the time to identify your short, medium and long term goals and work day to day at finding the right fit for everyone of his clients. His attention to detail is second to know and his focus is global. I work recommend Steve to any friend, family member or colleague in the future.”

“Lightspeed is one of the recruiting companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I worked with Lightspeed first as a candidate and now as a recruiting team to hire several positions in Latin America. Their team impresses me with their professionalism, focus and relentless energy. Never wastes a hiring manager’s or candidate’s time. They ask questions to go beyond the job description and understand exactly what you are looking for, does their homework and immediately sends a stream of quality candidates.  As a candidate, you will find the Lightspeed team to be a great communicators with high integrity and professionalism.  At all steps in the recruiting process, you’ll know where you stand. Highly recommended!”

“Steven is a strong contributor to a team environment with an exceptional capacity to nurture customer relationships and champions. He is a great asset to any fast paced professional environment.”

“The Lightspeed team exudes confidence, and backs it up with results. If you are fortunate enough to do business with Lightspeed, you will find they always deliver beyond expectations. The team  has the ability to cut to the chase, determine what is important, and solve client problems in a professional manner.”

From Our Candidates

“Decent recruiters will send you job opportunities that work for them rather than work for you; great recruiters will find job opportunities that work for you and see that the position is truly a fit before moving forward. Steven is one of those. I truly appreciated Steve’s straight-forward and diligent manner. His focus on ensuring roles are truly a fit for the hiring company and the professional being hired is a rare find in the space. Further, Steve has a depth of understanding for the high-tech segments he serves that is unique. I look forward to working with him again soon and would consider him not only the next time I’m looking for the next chapter in my career, but when I need to find the right fit for placement in my company.”  VP-Product Marketing, NA

“A consummate professional with whom I would have no hesitation in giving the most tightly defined executive recruiting assignment. Steven is blessed with highly tuned analytical skills where candidates and roles are matched with ease. Equally, I would have no hesitation in entrusting any future career of my own to Steven, knowing he works tirelessly for candidate and client alike.”  Director, Global Business Development , Radialpoint, Montreal, Canada

“Steve is a valuable contact in the mobile industry and always impresses me with his knowledge of what’s happening at the key companies in this space. As a recruiter he is able to find the right matches between opportunity and talent. I recommend him.” Vice President Consumer Wireless Distribution , AOL, LLC (America Online)

“Steven is a trusted partner to aid in career decisions. His guidance is accurate and his communication is thoughtful. I am impressed by his follow up after every decision is made to ensure satisfaction and a appropriate fit.” Technology Manager, Leading Broadband Optimization Company

Steve is one of the best executive recruiters I have ever worked with. He has very high integrity, a lot of energy, a great disipline, and always keeps clients and candidates updated so there are no surprises. He’s a true professional any way you look at him.” VP WW SALES, Infrastructure Leader